EAA Chapter 256

Lafayette IN

Flight Instruction

David Gevers, EAA Flight Advisor 

CFI, CFII, SEL, SES, Tailwheel Transitions, Complex, High-performance FAA Remedial Training, Aerial Applications,Fear-of-Flying



Larry E. Gruber, CFI-SEL, MEL, AI



Aircraft Maintenance and Inspections

Robert E. Koehler, A&P, IA

Specializing in sheet metal, fabrication and restoration 



David Gevers, A&P, IA, EAA Technical Counselor, Homebuilt Judge

Specializing in homebuilding, aerodynamics, construction and judging 



EAA Technical Counselors

Robert E. Koehler, A&P IA      765-463-0184 

David Gevers, A&P IA    765-404-6736


Hints for Homebilders videos at eaa.org